Our Impact

Transforming groundbreaking science into practice for more than 15 years.

MITM combines deep research focused on executive function skills, with signature science-fueled training and resources, for professionals across sectors who work with children and families.


About 100,000 people in communities across the United States have participated in the MITM training learning modules. In a survey with 1,750 respondents who attended the trainings, 98% reported it helped them improve their skills with children and learn new knowledge and approaches.

Curating the Science

The MITM team has reviewed over 2,000 studies, and interviewed and filmed more than 160 leading researchers, all work used to create MITM training and tools.


The MITM team has offered 300+ presentations to national, state and community groups interested in education, workforce development, parenting and brain science.


More than ½-million readers have downloaded MITM’s 100+ free resources that help bridge the gap between knowledge and practice.

There is no healthy social, emotional and cognitive progression in the absence of relationships. There is no development without relationships.

Jack P. Shonkoff

Harvard University